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Furthur Live at greek theater on 2012-10-06

by Furthur

set 1:
The Golden Road (to Unlimited Devotion) >
Music Never Stopped
Dancing in the Street >
Let it Ride >
The Wheel >
Dire Wolf
Loose Lucy
Touch of Grey

set 2:
Lost Sailor >
Saint of Circumstance
Unbroken Chain
Uncle John's Band >
The Other One >
Let it Grow >
Comes A Time >
Help on the Way > Slipknot! >
Franklin's Tower / Donor rap
E: Box of Rain

Collection Furthur
Band/Artist Furthur
Venue greek theater
Location los angeles, ca

Source schops mk4 (ortf, dfc, 9', 1st row behind foh) > cmc6 > sd744t(24/96)
Lineage audacity (spike removal, amplify, fades, tracks) > flac24
Taped by david barfield
Transferred by david barfield


tell all your friends who go to these dead related/jamband shows that when they see a mic stand and guy with flashlight right next to it, that they should make every effort to keep quiet when they're near it. i really have just about had it with all questions about when i'm going to upload/torrent the show, only to have some of these same people carry on like they just saw the fucking ghost of jimi hendrix on stage. that said, these 2 shows (the 5th is here: ) at the greek theater suffer from the same problem that all shows at the greek have; low dB limits. the place is in a neighborhood that negotiated this with the venue. if you talk to any foh guy/gal who has tried to mix a show there they will tell you that it's a tough place because they cannot get it loud enough to hear it right. the result for these two shows is that the chatter that normally gets drowned out by good spls in a real rock venue is not squashed in either of these 2. a complaint made in the comments of the 5th was that the recording sounded low. both shows were amplified to 0.0... but because of the low spl, the relationship between the chatter and the music is a worse ratio than other places in which i've recorded shows (maybe that's just me?). however, the music, when the drunken hordes of dead cover-band fetishists managed to stfu for a bit, is really pretty good.


Reviewer: Trap 909 - - October 13, 2012
Subject: Pure slow squeezed juice
Seeing friday and Saturday was magic. drunk people are awesome. This band:) grateful with Jerry, The dead with Haynes, and Furthur always delivers for L.A. This band reacts to energy, and LA always brings it , Drunk and sloppy yes ... but loud and participating always............ Thanks for recording
Reviewer: driftin_n_dreamin - - October 11, 2012
Subject: what did he say?
Man what a show! This one blew me away, yes LA is full of loud drunks that would rather hear themselves sing or comment on the song than listen to the song. I had to move around a lot to find a spot I could hear the band. However, the band was so tight and the flow was so good.

During lost sailor/Saint i was in the Philzone and it was hard to hear Bobby's lyrics, can anyone tell what Bob is singing at the end of Saint in between the gotta go for it for sure? Can't make it out and sounds like a new improv :)

Anyway, thanks for taping, love to hear the shows again and again!
Reviewer: doctorabe - - October 11, 2012
Subject: not a review 2012-10-02 anyone?
will anyone upload 10-2 12?
Reviewer: getdownandrow - - October 10, 2012
Subject: hey now
this sounds very very good the music never stopped is tearing through my living room now my cat loves it !

after a year and 11 days without a puff of weed (after being a life-long-every-night pot head, i picked up a small tasty sack and just lit it, this MNS jam is crunching the innards of my cranium.

thank you very much to the taper !!!
Reviewer: ScarlettChina - - October 9, 2012
Subject: stop whining, stop apologizing, and be grateful
1) So, on parking, me and my son met 2 other dads and their sons... someone mentioned a new style rite of passage, so hi to the B's and H's from the T's.
2) Thank you, Further. Thank you, tapers.
3) looking at the set list from Friday (we went only on Saturday), I think I'm beginning to realize that if I'm lucky enough to have this opportunity again, I'm gonna have go go both nights.
4) I've never liked Phil's "singing" (I'm ducking already) but on this show he got some songs that really suited his style. Nice.
5) The two archive uploads to date (and I didn't see many more tapers than this) are pretty different in sound quality. The present one portrays the bass-end more strongly and maybe has a bit more audience noise; the other one (by ikepgh) seems to have more high-end clarity. The present one has a better rating, to date (10/8/12), but most of those rating it are mostly whining about something. A blend of the two would be nice but not gonna happen. If I could take only one, it would be the other one, the one you're not here reading about.
6) Anyway, I'm giving this show and the upload the highest rating possible, simply because I'm so glad that it happened and that we were there and can listen again...
Reviewer: phillylala69 - - October 9, 2012
Subject: 2012
Its 2012 and tech. is all over the place, yes espically dead shows. Being an east coast head i didnt make it out west for the tour so i lived it thru posts on line and such. I like it when ppl post video of the band even when im at the show i will watch it later. Now as for the talking over the band thats gotta go, Furthur shows seem to be more of a sing along then dead shows maybe because of the smaller venues. Go out in the halls and talk I wanna hear Bobby sing the eleven, i had too move my sweet spot at wanee to hear birdsong from Phil. Many thanks to the tapers U got me thru this last tour!
Reviewer: justin g - - October 8, 2012
Subject: the scene
I was wondering if the scene in San Diego was an isolated incident. I guess not. There was one ASSHOLE there sitting behind me and my girl that would not stop acting like a complete JACKASS. I was...shall we say..."altered" and it is because of that and ONLY that, that he is still breathing today. I had to ask a guy next to me to PLEASE get him away from me- because of my state of mind- and I couldn't hang. He was making deragatory comments (while sitting next to me) towards my girlfriend that had I been in a "normal" frame of mind, would have got him beaten severely! NEXT was the lot after the show. The hood rat "street kids" that think just because they have naps etc makes them "hippies." I heard SEVERAL of them yelling "buy my beer or I will kick your ass!!" WTF??? The REAL heads had already made a pretty hasty exit by this point and I understood why shortly there after. It had been awhile since I had been to a show, and was SHOCKED at what I saw!! For the MOST part it was a great scene, but there sure were some assholes present! SHAME ON YOU!!!...
Reviewer: filmlawyer - - October 8, 2012
Subject: We can share the women we can share the wine
Hello David. Fantastic recording. Sounds better than what I was hearing from our seats. Thank you for sharing the wine and the music. Fortunantly, I'm not one of the drunken buffooons that can be heard in the recording.
Reviewer: wharfrat71 - - October 8, 2012
Subject: Here it comes........
People won't like it, but I don't give a motherfuck. ALCOHOL SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. Mr. Barfield, keep up the good work! Ignore those idiots. They are EVERYWHERE!!! Look at it as a test for when you go to the next show. Having said that, if I were about to die, I wouldn't mind having this recording. Thanks again!
Reviewer: Hashjihad - - October 8, 2012
Subject: Agreed.
Let It Grow was EPIC! So was Unbroken Chain. LA scene is little more thick than other places.
Reviewer: Emando - - October 8, 2012
Subject: My .02
Dearest concertgoers, please heed the others advise and be considerate of people who actually want to listen to the music. Sure, it's a party and people want to socialize, but geez, do you have to run your drunk big mouth 100%!? Yea, the music may be loud enough to hear the songs, but it's hard to truly ENJOY it with even just a few YELLING at eachother OVER the music. I am sick of loud drunks spilling their beers, bumping in to people and acting like they are the life of the "party". It sucks to have to relocate after you find your sweet spot to get away from these "fans". So yea, shut the fuck up! And remember, if you get confused, just LISTEN to MUSIC play...
Reviewer: adamdean - - October 8, 2012
Subject: I'm With Barfield On This One, Pholks
It is NOT ALL RIGHT to yap-yap-yap at shows when others around you want to chill and groove to the music. For those who take a stand and tell others to "shut the phuk up", I'm with you. Thanks to tapers and streamers who free the music.
Reviewer: mnoones - - October 8, 2012
Subject: Not sure about all of the negativity
Thoroughly enjoyed both nights at the Greek. I was actually standing right in front of the cell-phone guy having his bromance moment. We all looked left and felt the taper's pain. Then again this is not the opera and people at rock shows like to chatter away. The music is loud enough so that it shouldn't bother people too much.
Reviewer: davidbarfield - - October 8, 2012
Subject: abusive?
yeah, you're right i suppose.. i do feel a little abused. on the topic; i'm dedicating both of these uploads to the guy who was screeching on his cell just behind me on fri the 5th. after a bit i told him to fuck off and go be a teenage girl elsewhere (sooo sorry for the salty language!). my l.e.d. headlamp sobered him up a little (he might have thought he was getting pulled over?) and he staggered away. but also, this recording goes to the guy who gave me his seat in the first row behind the board just because he thought that recordings are good to have out there.... that attitude at these gigs exists as well, but it seems like there's just far too few of those people.
Reviewer: Winsome_Holstein_Nebula - - October 8, 2012
Subject: Whurfling Yahoos & The Cosmic Wimpout
First things first – thank you, sincerely, to the taper, and all the tapers, for your efforts and the kindness you bestow by posting these who up here for those of us who cannot travel cross country, or who must perforce keep our day jobs and trade in the opportunity to see these shows for the opportunity to pay tuition bills, pay for braces, lacrosse equipment, what have you for the new greatest show on our earth: our kids. Through your graces we are given – freely, the chance to listen to the music we grew up on, that changes our lives. Thank you, Those of us who are about to stream salute you.

As for taper Barfield’s commentary – I couldn’t agree more. We the listeners, who once witnessed dozens of tapers at shows, are hoping to see even two or three to capture and document a moment of time and space to be shared by all.

Sadly, the scene has changed and not for the better. It used to be, always was, a WE scene, an US scene, a community. Not it’s almost entirely an i-Scene. When was the last time anyone went to a show and did NOT see a field of smart screens held aloft so every monarch of their own private Idaho could race home, ( if they waited that long ), to share their own personal video of the show. Crappy video at that. i-Clue: Those crappy little smartphone vids are cute and memorable to maybe three people and are a waste of bandwidth on You Tube.

Personally, ( and I do sincerely hope this happens ), I would love to see or hear of Furthur literally stopping in the middle of a really tasty jam, and pull out i-Stuff and start video pixeling the crowd. Phil might say something like, “Since so many of you seem more interested in taking pictures of us or playing with your smart phones, we’ll put on a tape we made last week and we can all take little videos of each other. If you’re not really interested in dancing or listening to live music, we can all play with our toys together.” It’ll happen sooner or later and I’d bet it will be moe. or Umphrey’s that does it.

As for the incessant nattering that goes on at shows – I confess – I fail to get it. Yes, these folks paid money to be there just like anyone else but they have no more right to mess up the good times for others than does anyone else – SHUT THE FUCK UP. We do not care a damn that your day was really harshed because Starbucks ran out of soy milk or your boyfriend was a douche or whether your friend Jennifer was spiritually marginalized because her boss expected her to show up to work on time or the other forty thousands of things that no one came to the show to hear about. SHUT THE FUCK UP. As well, bra, no one gives a tinkers sweet damn what your think of “fake Jerry”, especially those of you who were busy learning to crap in a place other than your diapers when Jerry was struggling on his last tour in ’95. Want to wax eloquent with your oh so amazing insight into the complete cosmic centre of all musical otherness? Do it after the show or the intermission. Meantime, bra’s, SHUT THE FUCK UP.

As noted – there are a lot more drunk people at shows these days and lots of them are sucking up hard liquor. We always saw a few people at shows who were pretty drunk but never in the numbers seen today. One unhappy by product of making weed so stigmatized is that folks still want a buzz and booze is a different animal altogether. There’s a big difference between some cat cruising along afloat on the tunes in a kind mellow and the drunk labouring under to delusion that he or she is the life of the party and that The Good Times Are Happening right beneath their feet, ( at the top of their lungs ). Drunks at shows are never a fun time and a recent show I went to was filled with a bunch of VERY drunk folks who thought they were Really Really Cool and I hope they get to see themselves on You Tube, ( actually I hope their girlfriends do because being stuck very close to the drunk lads, they were having less fun than anyone else at the show ).

At one time venues never sold hard liquor as Dead shows. I can’t help but believe the scene would become much kinder if that policy were resumed. And maybe no beer after the intermission.

Phil once said to us that if we don’t take care of the scene it will go away. That stills holds true. We may have reached a sort of Pogo moment – “We have met the enemy, and it is us!”

Lastly, if you are standing near a taper, please believe this: No one, not one person other than you and you alone, is interested in hearing your comments, your conversation, your whurfling yahoos, your fake Lakota war whoops, your effort to harmonize, any and all shouts of “fake Jerry”, in short, no one at all cares. You have a right to do all those things if you must. All that is asked is that you do it as far away from the taper section as you possibly can.

Again, thanks to the tapers, all of you. You are the sojourner archivists for us all.
Reviewer: zenm00n - - October 8, 2012
Subject: hhmm?
calling the people attending a Futhur concert for 'the drunken hordes of dead cover-band fetishists' seems slightly abusive and at least prejudiced ..
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